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The fool goes in the pool!

Claudia Renata & Lisa were chiling out on the pool side

A jerk guy came and thought he can mess around, these three ladies teamed up and gave him a lesson he will remember for a long time!

Lisa grapes his balls and slaps him into Claudia and Renata, they push him back into Lisa who chocks him,

Renata slams his head int a table repeatedly,

Claudia punches him in the stomach and in the face with makes him turn around to Lisa,

Lisa knees him in the balls and throws him to Renata,

Renata knocks him with a hard punch right to his ugly face!

Then the three ladies lifts him over their head together, carries him to the edge of the pool, he realises he is going into

the pool & looks so helpless, the girls hurls him Ito the water and for a total sign of domination flexes their muscles and walks away

(4:20 minutes MP4 HD Quality)

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